The flexibility to have writers work on-site or remotely.

Our writers can work at your location, or they can work remotely so that equipment and workspace does not need to be provided, freeing up funds in your organization’s budget.

A competitive rate.

To accommodate both your documentation needs and your budget, we present you with a proposal that outlines our project plan and presents you with a cost-effective solution.

Writers with experience in your industry.

We have writers on staff with experience in a wide variety of industries. We match your project to skilled writers with experience in your industry.

On-going documentation support.

Once your project has been completed, MATC Group remains available to you as your on-demand resource. When the documentation requires updates, we offer you a quick turnaround because of decreased “start-up” time, without increasing the standard rate.

Why is MATC different?

Our team of instructional designers and technical writers are employees, not contractors. Working with us:

  • Minimizes start-up time and reduces your cost/need to hire your own personnel.
  • Ensures that the knowledge gained by working with your company is retained.
  • Drives success as team members are experienced professionals led by trained project managers.
  • Provides team members to your project based upon the expertise and skills required.
  • Ensures continuity for ongoing or subsequent projects.
  • The industry’s best content-creation tools.
  • Support for “virtual” project team of client and MATC personnel.
  • Access to the latest tools and technology.


MATC pricing is tailored to each project. Quotes are based on a statement of work that we develop in consultation with you.

We can provide an estimate by project, deliverable or timeframe for completion. We price our work to be competitive and our services as cost-effective. Our hourly rates are consistently at or below the market rate in your area, and they come with our service guarantee. We want you to be satisfied.

Who we are

We’re a different kind of a company. We focus on tech writing and hire all our writers directly, never using contractors who are here today and may disappear tomorrow.

When to contact us

The best time to engage MATC Group is when you are launching a new product, taking on an employee training initiative, or beginning any project that requires technical documentation.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you learn what questions to ask and how to establish a plan and budget. You will have the confidence to know you can get it done on-time and on-budget.


Communications strategies evolve now as quickly as management strategies. MATC is up-to-date with both; and committed to ensuring your documentation works with your software platforms and technology capabilities.

How We Do It

MATC works on the premise that professional writers yield superior products. The writers on the MATC team are seasoned professionals who work for the same company and focus exclusively on the perfection of business documentation.

MATC writers span a wide-range of writing skills and specialties. Since all our writers are in-house, our writers have the opportunity to seek out each other’s skills and knowledge if and when they need it.


What our clients say about us:

Tech Writing:

  • “I really LOVE the look and format. Great job on that.”
  • “This project has gone very well. My thanks to MATC and your writer specifically for his top-notch work.”
  • “When a project hits a road block, you always offer potential solutions to get us through.”

e-Learning courses

  • “The course looks great! Thanks so much for all your work!”
  • “I love the colorful and interactive design. The comic activities really make the course pop.”

Voicing/Audio edits

  • “Just listened. Perfect. Thank you!”
  • “You did a great job with the voice over. I was nervous when I tried to do it. Thank you for all of your assistance.”