What our customers say about us

  • “The new procedure MATC helped us to develop resulted in a 20 percent operational cost reduction.”
  • “When a project hits a road block, you always offer potential solutions to get us through.”
  • “Wow. Things are really moving along. You finished that project quickly!”

Financial Services


The client needed instructional designers to convert their existing training materials into an e-learning format, creating new content as necessary.

The documented processes involved a complex series of operations, integrating compliance steps, as well as management of very involved financial operations.


MATC project manager met with client team (human resources and training) to determine specific deliverables.

Instructional designers created engaging and interactive visual e-learning modules, incorporated assessments to test skills and provide certification.

Designers worked with instructors to generate brief videos to address auditory learners.


Cost savings: MATC Group has the experience and technology needed to create an e-learning module that is professional in appearance and easy to navigate.

Custom support: MATC provided instructional designers based on client needs, customizing the team informed by the specific expertise needed.



The client needed an on-site staff to manage, design and create training manuals for new employees. However, having a permanent on-site staff was hurting the company’s bottom line. The client requested that MATC provide both technical writing and consulting.


MATC proposed a hybrid model involving a remote technical writer to work on-site during important operational meetings and off-site otherwise.

MATC project manager met with client team (business analyst and technician) to plan and execute work of 10 technical writers provided by MATC.

Instructional design staff regularly provided demonstrations and tests of the emerging product, and periodic audits for operational documentation to provide accurate and concise procedural descriptions.


Cost reduction: Client achieved 20% reduction in operational costs.

Increased accountability: The new documentation allowed the client’s team to create a clearer delineation of responsibility leading to less confusion and improved performance.



Client upgraded to new pharmaceutical ovens, which required the creation of a new set of corresponding technical qualifying documents and updated user manuals. This project included defining the process and procedure for preparation and placement of sterile material as well as highly sophisticated timing systems and temperature measurement and control systems.


MATC Group carefully assessed the client needs and created a plan to address them.

  • MATC Group provided a team of remote technical writers who visited the site for briefings on subject matter and walkthroughs.
  • All technical documents adhered to FDA requirements and company formatting.
  • Final documents were uploaded to the document control system remotely using appropriate metadata, making it easy for client to access the files.


 Reliability: MATC technical writers are employees (not contractors) held to higher standards, so the client received reliable assistance every time.

Convenience: MATC provided the client with experienced technical writers with the right skills, at the right time, and for the right price.

Long-term benefit: The mixture of on-site and off-site capabilities is a unique advantage of MATC. MATC engagement ensures a reduction in ramp-up time for future projects.



The client needed to document standard operating procedures for new extraction technologies.


Technical writers met with department heads and supervisors to distill down the multiple complex steps to generate standard operating procedures.

The mix of on-site and off-site capabilities allowed technical writers to do their work without interrupting the daily work-flow of client production.

MATC generated checklists and wrote up procedures for operators to create a roadmap for every day operations.


Increased productivity: Client saw a 36% improvement in proactive management with unified procedures.

Cost-savings: The cost of hiring contractors was significantly reduced.

Reduced downtime: Production downtime reduced, and timeliness of operator intervention increased by having consistent procedural documentation.



The client needed on-going support for creating and updating an online library, but did not have sufficient budget for the required office space.


Created an online document library with a MATC team member experienced in online with help modules.

Developed remote but secure connectivity with client’s system


Enhance customer service experience: MATC updated the online library, regularly incorporating updates and corrections provided by the client, including new screenshots, etc.

Simplicity: MATC simplified work processes and ensured the client’s bottom line benefited from not having to hire and manage internal staff.



The client needed on-site support regarding a technical writer/editor to handle the design and creation of manuals for new employees, particularly for daily procedures. However, procuring a permanent on-site resource was out of the company’s projected budget.


MATC Group carefully analyzed the client’s needs and developed a custom project model that would adhere to their budget:

  • Implemented a hybrid model involving a team of remote technical writers that would work on-site during important operational and safety training meetings, but off-site otherwise.
  • Team member visited client site to observe and take note of training sessions and to deliver finished documents regularly.
  • MATC project manager met regularly with client team (business analyst, technician) to plan and execute the work of six technical writers provided by MATC.


MATC suggested strategy was a major benefit for the client:

Flexibility: MATC on-demand technical writers allowed clients to have access to help as the needs arise without having to invest in costly infrastructure.

Professional delivery: MATC technical writers are employees, not contractors, which means they must adhere to the high standards that we set for everything that we do.

Superior management: All MATC projects are assigned a manager, making sure everyone, from client to writer alike is on the same page, and ensuring the project runs smoothly from start to finish.