Our history

Founded in 2009, MATC Group offers technical writing, instructional design, knowledge management, and process improvement services nationwide. With original offices in Pennsylvania, we added a New Jersey location in 2017 and a Delaware location in 2018.

MATC Group serves clients in a variety of B2B and B2C arenas including the financial services, life sciences, pharma, health care, software development, government, education, manufacturing, non-profit and information technology sectors since 2009.

MATC works with executives across the spectrum, including those in the CxO suite, to deploy and manage technical writing, instructional design, and knowledge management operations.

Our Staff

MATC is a company of staff writers, not contractors, with a collective professional writing experience of over 150 years. Our writers are highly trained and have extensive background in specialized industries. They know the tools and the strategies to get the most out of documentation, and how to express complex ideas in an easy to understand and comprehensive way.

MATC staff is constantly focused on quality improvement and pushing their skills to the next level. They play an important role in representing the company, expanding its reach and meeting our goals.

We look for more than just a tech writer or instructional designer. We look for more than just experience or a long resume. We look for a person—a particular kind of person.

We want writers who are easy to work with, who want to see you succeed, who understand that the client ultimately determines what is best. In a word, we not only look for people who are smart and talented, we work to employ people who are nice.

Our Philosophy

MATC’s number one focus is our clients. We strive to help clients develop solid foundations and business strategies to manage and improve their knowledge base.

We know that it is challenging to work in today’s corporate environment where workers are expected to do more with less. That is why we offer project managers to develop a scope of work with you and supervise the project from start to finish if you need it.

We will be in constant communication to ensure the project remains on time and on budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.

Our Commitment

Quality in producing the best technical and instructional products.

Partnership with you where our only job is to help you succeed.

Security to safeguard your data and information on the most secure platforms.

Integrity where we say what we mean, do what we say, and meet our deadlines.

Cost-effectiveness in pricing so that we meet or beat the hourly rate for your area.


MATC Group is always looking for good people to join our team. Submit your resume today. We have full-time and part-time opportunities available throughout the country and particularly on the east coast.

We look for people who are:

  • Experienced technical writers and instructional designers
  • Able to work remotely or on-site
  • Know or willing to learn the latest writing and instructional technologies
  • Flexible and open to feedback
  • Nice. No kidding. It’s true. We strive to employ people who are easy to work with and always good to our clients.

If you have any trouble applying to an opening, please contact us at [email protected].